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Enrique Dominguez-Cruz, Esq.

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Enrique joined Tenant Law Group in June 2019 as Client Relations Manager and currently dedicates 100 percent of his practice to helping tenants recover money damages following egregious landlord behavior, and negotiating settlements or taking matters to arbitration, mediation, and trial if needed.

Born to humble beginnings, Enrique began working at age five with his parents who worked as field laborers in the California agricultural economy. Working and witnessing such struggles and injustices at an early age instilled the value of hard work and education in him. Since that time, he knew he would dedicate his life to helping those struggling from the repercussions of injustice. Though Enrique happily serves all clients, he especially enjoys serving “blue-collar” and “underdog” clients.

Earning a full-ride academic scholarship to the University of California at Berkeley, Enrique graduated in 2006 with a degree in Sociology which gave further direction regarding both his career and his life in general—the importance of using one’s skills towards social justice. After graduation, he was employed as a success coach for a San Francisco coaching company, working one-on-one with students for empowerment and improvement with the goal of obtaining a degree. While this was a great joy for him, he felt he could make a more meaningful impact, and to a greater number of people, if he had more to offer. So he matriculated at San Francisco Law School in 2011, was nominated Student of the Year in 2012, and earned his law degree in 2015. During law school, Enrique worked during the day and attended school at night. He worked for both personal injury and workers compensation law firms—always on the side of plaintiffs. Client interaction has consistently been one of his favorite aspects of his work in the legal industry.

Enrique began working for a lemon law firm in Placer County in 2016 (again, plaintiff’s side) handling matters from inception to settlement. He particularly enjoyed managing the client intake process, ensuring that every client’s experience, from beginning to end, was nothing short of the very best. He increased the firm’s overall number of new clients substantially and served as an ambassador to the Latino community, reaching many monolingual Spanish speakers. In 2019, he became a member of the California State Bar.

At Tenant Law Group, Enrique continues the fight for social justice (again, on the plaintiff’s side). As Client Relations Manager, he hopes to use his skills and expertise to provide an immaculate experience for all clients. He is motivated to expand the spectrum and volume of clients so that Tenant Law Group can serve as many tenants suffering from injustice as possible.

When Enrique is not fighting the good fight on behalf of tenants, he enjoys following boxing and spending time with his wife Sandy and their fur-baby Molly, a small Yorkshire Terrier with a huge personality.