June 2019 Newsletter

June 2019

Good Morning!

Tenant Law Group has several exciting announcements this month:
First, we’re hiring!  Are you a California attorney with litigation experience interested in working from home or another location within driving distance of San Francisco?  If so, you may just be the rock star we are seeking for our growing team.  Job description and application instructions are available here.
Second, on June 1, we launched a new website.
Third, since our last newsletter, four new individuals have joined our team.  On June 3, Raul Azucena joined the firm as a Summer Law Clerk.  On June 6, Kathleen Leuty joined the firm as a Client Relations Specialist, assisting in the design and implementation of a new client intake and onboarding process.  On June 17, Nicole Lionetti joined the firm as a Professional Legal Administrator, overseeing the firm’s operations, reporting, billing, and human resources; working with management to achieve the firm’s goals; and ensuring efficient and effective daily operations.  And on June 24, Enrique Dominguez-Cruz joined the firm as a Client Relations Manager, overseeing the intake and onboarding of all new firm clients.
Finally, in this month’s e-newsletter, we discuss how a landlord move-in eviction works in San Francisco.
Thank you for your continued support of Tenant Law Group.  If you or someone you know has been displaced from a rent-controlled apartment without legal justification, harassed by a landlord, or believe his or her rights as a renter have been violated, contact us.  We offer complimentary case evaluations to all prospective clients.

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What Can I Recover in a Lawsuit Against My Landlord?


How Does a Landlord Move-In Eviction Work in San Francisco?

San Francisco rent ordinances permit landlords to evict tenants only when they have “just cause,” meaning that there is a specific and legally valid reason for doing so. Landlord move-in evictions, also known as owner move-in evictions or OMIs, fall into this category.

OMIs are intended to enable a property owner to remove tenants from a unit so that they or a family member can occupy it. Under San Francisco Administrative Code section 37.9(a)(8), the landlord must not have ulterior motives in recovering the property, such as re-renting it at a higher rate. They are also required to...

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