April 2020 Newsletter

April 2020

Good Afternoon, 

We at Tenant Law Group hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

In this newsletter, we will be sharing information about free information for California renters about local, state, and federal laws enacted in response to COVID-19; virtual consultations available to any tenant with questions about a landlord-tenant matter; and five new team members who have joined Tenant Law Group since our last newsletter.

Last Friday, April 3, Tenant Law Group launched a COVID-19 Resource Page with information relevant to all California renters summarizing how recently enacted local, state, and federal laws in response to COVID-19 affect tenant rights.  We will continue updating this page as new laws and regulations affecting renters become enacted.

Over the past year, Tenant Law Group has slowly been transitioning from a traditional brick-and-mortar law firm to a fully virtual law firm.  This transition was initially intended to allow Tenant Law Group to find and hire the best attorneys located throughout the Bay Area (regardless of immediate proximity to our San Francisco office), and the best paraprofessionals and administrative staff located anywhere in North America.  Effective March 1, 2020, Tenant Law Group continues to receive mail at our headquarters at 649 Mission Street and has access to conference space on an as needed basis, but our team otherwise works 100% remotely.  Because of our virtual setup, we have not experienced any interruption to our services.

As always, Tenant Law Group offers complimentary virtual case evaluations and virtual attorney consultations for tenants throughout California in need of legal advice.  Users who enter the coupon code APRIL2020 at checkout will receive a 20% discount off all Tenant Law Group attorney consultations through April 30, 2020.

Finally, we are pleased to welcome the following individuals who have joined Tenant Law Group since our last newsletter: Advice Attorney Aser G. Tolentino, Esq., Legal Assistant Melissa V. Gutheim, Client Relations Manager Shawna M. Brinkley, Client Intake Specialist Brian A. Bravo, and Case Manager Lucía Miri Echavarría.  (English and Spanish biographies are available on our website.)

Thank you for your continued support of Tenant Law Group.  If you or someone you know has been displaced from a rent-controlled apartment without legal justification, harassed by a landlord, or has otherwise been harmed by a landlord’s unlawful actions, please call us at (415) 915-7445.

In these uncertain times, Tenant Law Group will continue to do what it can to support California tenants.  If you have any ideas for other resources or information we can provide in furtherance of this goal, please reply to this message and let us know.  Thanks in advance. 

Warmest Wishes, 

Eric L. Toscano


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