March 2020 Newsletter

March 2020

Happy Monday,

In addition to some other firm updates, we’d like to focus this month’s newsletter on an event taking place today in Mexico, dubbed “Un Día Sin Mujeres” or “A Day Without Women.” Today, women in Mexico will join in a twenty-four-hour strike arising from the surge in violence against women in Mexico and the lack of response from Mexican authorities. This year alone, 265 women have been killed in Mexico. The goal of Un Día Sin Mujeres is to raise awareness about violence against women in Mexico and to demonstrate the fiscal impact their absence will have on the economy. Today, millions of women in Mexico will not go to work, will not go out, and will not make any purchases. Tenant Law Group stands in solidarity with its team members who are participating in Un Día Sin Mujeres and with the women of Mexico generally.

For those interested in supporting this effort, feel free to share our social media posts and consider donating to Casa Gaviota, which works to prevent violence against women, and Fondo Semillas, which promotes gender equality.

Separately, please join us in welcoming Karen A. Rabbé to our team. Karen joined Tenant Law Group last week as the firm’s Litigation Case Manager. She has spent her professional career working mainly in customer service and has had led several teams. Karen speaks English and Spanish.

In this month’s e-newsletter, we discuss three circumstances where small claims court may be a tenant's best option.

Thank you for your continued support of Tenant Law Group. If you or someone you know has been displaced from a rent-controlled apartment without legal justification, harassed by a landlord, or believe his or her rights as a renter have been violated, call us today at (415) 915-7445. We offer complimentary case evaluations to all prospective clients.

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Eric L Toscano


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Am I responsible for maintaining or making repairs to my unit?


Three Circumstances Where Small Claims Court May Be A Tenant's Best Option

While it’s not unusual for a dispute to arise between a landlord and tenant, most disagreements can be resolved by an email, phone call, or in person conversation.  In certain extreme cases of egregious landlord conduct, however, a tenant’s only hope for a resolution may be by way of formal legal proceedings. We generally recommend that any tenant on the receiving end of such egregious conduct contact a tenant rights attorney before going to court...

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