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Bay Area renters enjoy some of the strongest protections against evictions and other illegal landlord activity. These protections are, however, complex and often vary from city to city. Sadly, many tenants, particularly those in coveted rent-controlled apartments, are unaware that a landlord’s actions or omissions that result in the loss of a rental unit are illegal and may provide legal justification for a lawsuit. A landlord’s failure to follow the proper legal requirements to recover possession of a rental unit, especially in situations involving bad faith or fraud, could give rise to substantial money damages. Because the time frame for some legal remedies are as short as one year, it’s critical to act quickly.

With this in mind, Tenant Law Group has prepared a special report entitled “Can I Recover Money For Being Forced Out Of My Rental Unit? Ten Signs You Are Being Illegally Evicted.” In this report you’ll learn about circumstances that may give rise to an illegal eviction, such as when:

  • You have received a verbal (but no written) eviction notice;
  • Your landlord performed an owner-move-in eviction but your landlord or your landlord’s relative never moved into your unit;
  • Your landlord has failed to make necessary repairs;
  • Your landlord has violated your right to quiet enjoyment;
  • Your landlord has failed to remediate toxic mold in your rental unit;
  • Your landlord has retaliated against you for making complaints;
  • And more.

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