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Joryem M. Chirinos

Client Intake Assistant
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Joryem joined Tenant Law Group as the firm’s Client Intake Coordinator in November 2020 and was recently promoted to Client Intake Assistant. She works closely with the Client Relations Manager and the rest of the Intake Team to ensure a smooth onboarding process for all new firm clients and is responsible for a variety of administrative tasks related to intake and onboarding.

Joryem earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the Universidad Rafael Urdaneta in Maracaibo, Venezuela in August 2019. She has spent most of her professional career working in customer service. She enjoys working with a team and facilitating the process of getting clients whatever help they need.

Before joining Tenant Law Group, Joryem worked for United Airlines as a travel associate and Outplex as a customer service agent.

Passionate and responsible, Joryem always does her best to tackle any project she is presented with—both personally and professionally. Outside of work, she enjoys exercising, taking care of her family, writing, singing, reading, and spending time with her partner.

Joryem speaks native Spanish and fluent English.