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Stephanie Rivas

Case Manager
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Stephanie joined Tenant Law Group in August 2020 as Case Manager. She is the first point of contact for litigation clients with questions about their case, provides regular status updates to litigation clients, and works closely with the litigation team to ensure that client matters are being prosecuted and resolved as quickly as possible.

She graduated with a bachelor's degree in business administration in October 2020.

Before joining Tenant Law Group, Stephanie worked as a data and reporting analyst, evaluating key performance indicators to improve processes, managing projects and personnel, and engaging with high performing teams. She also previously worked as a staffing and planning specialist and is experienced working on remote teams.

Stephanie enjoys being part of a team, facing new challenges, and exploring new ways to innovate and improve productivity. Hardworking and determined, she is constantly striving to improve all aspects of her personal and professional life.

She enjoys reading, cooking, and traveling with friends and family.

Fully bilingual, Stephanie is a native speaker of Spanish, but is fluent in English and also has a basic knowledge of Portuguese.